How Do You Get A Phlebotomy Certification

Phlebotomy is basically a medical procedure whereby blood samples are drawn from a patient’s veins. The samples are then tested and analyzed in laboratories. This is what helps in diagnosis of ailments or diseases.

Health care professionals who do these procedures are referred to as phlebotomists or medical assistants. These experts are normally the first to talk or interact with patients and also play a major role for them by acting as liaisons between laboratories, patients and doctors.

Why A Career In Phlebotomy

It is a fact that if you want to be successful in the medical field you ought to have lots of practical medical experience and knowledge. This is the case for many medical occupations but for the case of phlebotomy, this does not necessarily hold much water. In fact, if you want to be certified as a phlebotomist, you only need a high school diploma. After that, you can attend a certified phlebotomy training course and then take a phlebotomy certification exam.

Many people are not just after the phlebotomist career just because it is easy to become a certified phlebotomist. There are plenty of reasons as to why people are seeking to pursue careers in this medical field. One thing that is for sure is that jobs in the medical or health care industry are intrinsically rewarding. Being part of the system that helps people get healthier and off their sick selves is much more rewarding.

It is also worth noting that certified phlebotomists are able to work in many places and are not limited to working in hospitals. Phlebotomy jobs can be found at blood banks, plasma centers, independent laboratories, and physician offices.

Lastly, it might also be worth noting that phlebotomy salaries are pretty much rewarding and competitive. At this time, I am sure that you now know what you have to do in order to get into such a career. One thing that you can be sure of is that you will get a lot of rewards from such a career.

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Obtaining A Phlebotomy Certification

A phlebotomy certification is mandatory in two states in the United States. These are Louisiana and California. You however don’t have to get a phlebotomy certification just because you live and work in any one of these states. You will benefit a lot career wise by just having one. There is no doubt that many employers are reluctant to employ people who are not properly qualified as phlebotomists and thus having your certification will boost your chances a great deal.

A prerequisite for phlebotomy certification is that you need to attend formal phlebotomy training courses. Many phlebotomy schools will offer you the theoretical aspect of the course. These are the programs that will prepare you for the phlebotomy certification exams.

You have to make sure that you choose a training course that is approved by an accreditation authority. You don’t want to waste your money on a program that will not be able to earn you a phlebotomy certification at the end of the process.

After completing the training program, you can register for a certifying examination. You have the freedom to choose the exam from whichever body you need. There are ten such phlebotomy accreditation bodies in the United States today.

These are just but a representation of some of the steps that you would have to go through in order to get certified and be able to act in full capacity as a phlebotomist.